Senior Project Outline


My topic is on how I will achieve my goal of traveling to foreign countries helping unhealthy babies, and babies born with defects and diseases as a neonatal nurse. I will explain what it takes to be a neonatal nurse, financially, emotionally, and physically. Also I will elaborate on the costs and things to be achieved to go into a third world country to help others.


My audience should know that a neonatal nurse is a nurse for babies and that some third world countries are an unsafe, un healthy country that in most cases are poor and have slight to no health care established.


I intend to get the point across that being a neonatal nurse is hard work and not just coddling babies all day, that it takes a tough person to make it to the level of neonatal nursing where you can go out and help the third world people. Also I would like to get the point across that there are people who are in much worse shape than people here in the United States who need help to.



In Africa there were infants receiving oxygen from a single setup using homemade oxyhoods that only gave 6 infants oxygen at once when a possible 20 needed it, my job will be providing the infants with the care and treatment they need to survive like oxygen masks.

Thesis statement


I am not a neonatal nurse yet, but I have spent time in an NICU, I have close family members that are nurses and one is a mission nurse.


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