In 2023 I am a neonatal nurse at a hospital in Tennessee because I love to help and save babies. To obtain this career I graduated high school with honors, went on to the University of Florida and when I graduated, moved to Tennessee.

My next big accomplishment was getting married to my high school sweetheart, Avery Jones. We bought a beautiful log cabin on 100 acres in the rolling hills of Tennessee where nobody is. We primarily live off of our land by raising cattle, hunting deer and hogs for meat, and having a garden in abundance of almost everything else we need to eat. Avery and I have one son and plan on having another child in the next few years. My mom has a house on our property so she helps us with our farming, and watches our son while we are working. Every week we pick a night dedicated to spending quality family time with each other.

In high school I started speaking to teens about the consequences of distracted driving. I have carried that on through college which got me a place as a member on the board of an organization, Focus Driven. We support victims of cell phone distracted driving and families of victims, and increase public awareness of the dangers of cell phone distracted driving. What Focus Driven hopes to do is prevent injuries and save lives by eliminating cell phone use while driving.  By being a member I have had the opportunity to travel around almost every state in the United States, speaking to all different age groups about distracted driving.

Another accomplishment is that my mom and I started Mary-Kay a few years back and have been quite successful with doing it. While we do ear extra income from it, our goal is to help women and teens gain self-esteem. We throw small pamper parties once a month for women and once a month for teens. It has been a great experience and we get more people each month.

I am only 27 and have accomplished so many great things.I am looking forward to a neonatal mission trip where I will be able to help infants in third world countries and help establish medical facilities. However I do have so much more that I want to do and look forward to living my life to the fullest.


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